Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

We left the comfort zone
Packed up two sleeping bags and two sleeping pads
The tent our temporary roof yet the portal to the stars and sleep filled with strange dreams
Coyotes circled and howled and the moon reflected in my eyes
My back against terra firma
I could almost feel the rotation of our planet
stars mapping out my dreams
One week of emptiness
No people
Elemental contentment
Fire.  Earth.  Air.  Water.
A campfire.  Red dirt.  Deep breaths. The trickle of a spring.
I want to return again.

Dream in a dream.

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Wordful Wednesday

“The road not taken” stays with me most.  On many levels we’ve all experienced this moment:  you have to turn around and go another way.

There are no mistakes.  Where are you now?

other way around

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Wordless Wednesday

camel safari 1

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

If there is one place in the world that epitomizes “endurance” it is Tibet.  This snapshot was taken a long time ago.  The people of Tibet have had to endure so much.  I think of them often.



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