Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’


Let me run barefoot
through sprinklers
green fields tickling my toes
snowy peaks
beckoning me


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Wordless Wednesday


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yeah, Hornby again


For those of  you tiring of Mr. Hornby posts please stop here.
Tonight we had new sighting.  The Grandfather of Mr. Hornby!  He was much larger and slower in movement (and perhaps a wee bit more crabby).  We were quiet and careful after flushing him out from between our plants.  He didn’t like the sprinkles of water upon his horned countenance.  I guess I wouldn’t like that either.  He is a desert dweller after all.
Generations of Hornby reside here.  We are respectful.
And giddy with happiness for his presence here in our small abode.

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A happy surprise

h1 h2Tonight Mr. Hornby showed up with his son.  We did a double take.

They were doing their usual thing which was eating ants.  Hornby’s son seemed a tad impatient, rustling around the leaves.  He seems to be more orange.  For that reason I shall refer to him as “Orange-by, the son of Hornby”.


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