Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

 PīwakawakaOn top.  Instead of a mountain pass how about a stick?

Imagine if you will, stepping up onto a stick held by a laughing giant!  Now that is brave and it is bold!

It is one of my happiest memories in New Zealand…. interacting with the little Fantail or Pīwakawaka.

We both felt on top of the world after that encounter.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

monument valley

Of course I just couldn’t help myself.  The first thing that comes to mind with this challenge is “Monument Valley”.  How many times have we traveled that road?  If there’s any one place that epitomizes the open road and the American West it’s this place.

Transitory pleasure

We traveled many roads

But this stretch

Oh!  This stretch of road

again and again

we return

our imaginations refueled

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold


on the night before our long journey
sleep came easily
life became magically much simpler
all that we needed
right there
waiting for us on the couch
I think back often to that night
and smile

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Verdin reflecting

We were camping.  Suddenly a tiny bird we recognized and loved lighted upon our Honda Trail 90.  Just what did he see?

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